Flutter app loads slowly after adding ssl-certificate

Loaded my app on GoDaddy and tested - worked great! Loaded very quickly (.5 - 1.0 seconds). Installed GoDaddy https certificate. Now it takes 4.0-5.0 seconds to load. Any ideas? Do I need to reference the certificate from within the flutter app somehow?

Help, please!

Hi @BlaineFredrickson Before we get into Flutter , have you tested out all APIs using backend? Is there any delay there or is it smooth?

Smoooooooth!!! Just the load is issue customer is not happy with.

Is the application in webview? @BlaineFredrickson

FYI - I’ve tracked much of the delay to loading graphics as Asset(). The Asset() method of loading a graphic seems to work well locally and on a site that does NOT have an ssl-cert. Simply replacing the reference to the asset with a NetworkImage() method, and furnishing the full path (https://mysite.com/pathtoasset/assetname.ext) seems MUCH faster.

I created a simple test where I loaded an Asset() and a NetworkImage() to screen. The NetworkImage() loaded instantly, but the Asset() had a large time lag.

If this can be verified by the Flutter team, it may be a simple fix. This same type of problem may exist for fonts loaded as assets.

NOTE: This is only evident on a site that has an ssl-cert installed. I am testing with a GoDaddy hosted site, using a cert furnished and installed by GoDaddy.


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