Flutter app is not working Samsung

Good night

I am having a problem developing an android app using flutter 1.9.1 where when running my application on a samsung s8 device with android 9 my HTTPS requests are not working as they should where:

On many devices that I tested calls using package dio work without any problems;
I have already executed https calls from other devices such as the case of Xiaomi S2 with android 9 and it happened without any problem;
However on devices like Samsung S8, S9, S10 the same error occurs.

I noticed that there have been changes in the way http is handled in android Pie but even setting androidmanifest.xml as the android parameter: usesCleartextTraffic = “true” didn’t solve my situation.

Using the audio I have observed that the return of my api is coming blank, but using the same internet network with another device and sending the same data I get successfully in the request.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

@Eder_Luca I think this should be taken to GitHub issues. Since it’s an issue which flutter team would be interested in.