Flutter AnimatedList with Provider Pattern

> class DataModel with ChangeNotifier{
>    List<Data> data = List<Data>();
>    void addData(Data data){
>       data.add(data);
>       notifyListeners();
>    }
> }

and a ListView which listens to those changes:

> class DataListView extends StatelessWidget {
>   @override
>   Widget build(BuildContext context) {
>     return Consumer<DataModel>(
>       builder: (context, model, child) {
>         return ListView.builder(
>           itemCount: model.data.length,
>           itemBuilder: (context, index) {
>             return Text(model.data[index].value);
>           },
>         );
>       },
>     );
>   }
> }

so far so good, when an item is added to the list in the model, the change notification triggers a rebuild of the Listview and I see the new data. But I cant wrap my head around using this with a AnimatedList instead of a ListView. Preferably id like to keep my model as it is, seeing as the animation is a concern of the ui and not of my logic.

The changenotifier always gives me a uptodate version of my data, but what i really need is a “item added” or “item removed” notification.

Is there a best practice way of doing this?