Flutter and Python

  1. Hello everyone, I’m now developing my Final Project. I’m conceiving a facial recognition app. I have already finished with a web based application. I used python (flask) and it’s now working perfectly.
  • My goal is to make a mobile application using the backend I used for the website.
  1. I’ve tried to connect my flask backend to the UI i made using the integrated Webcam of my Laptop

Is there a way to connect my backend part to the flutter UI I made?? I really need help…

Yes, You can use localhost url to develop locally. usually you have to use an address with 192:168:0:1:<port number> kind of IP address as per your os settings. You can also make use of ngrok to expose your local apis on the web. This will be useful only for a quick demo to someone remote who you send apk in email or telgram. It is not at all advised(a huge blunder) to go with ngroc while releasing the app. For that you’ll need to host your backend on something like aws, azure or gcp. Hosting your backend will give you an elastic IP which you can then bind to your domain like api.staging.aviabird.com or api.prod.aviabird.com for respective development environments and prod live. I hope that helps.


It gives ideas. Thanks!!! I will come back if I got follow up questions.