Flutter Admin App

Hello to you, I want to create a dashboard application where I can myself create a user account, update, delete or deactivate his account with Firebase Admin SDK. I see in the Firebase documentation: Manage Users with the CRUD operations that I want to do but it is in other languages ​​such as Python and JS, how I can implement this with Flutter. I need your help please. Thank you in advance !

Hi @Aristide99 you can not use the Firebase admin SDK in Flutter. It is only ment to be use in servers or services like Functions from Firebase, which is the same. This is done for safety as when using the Firebase Admin SDK you can make changes to the db and the rules won’t apply. To do a client app that can change anything just use the normal Firebase packages for Flutter and add an admin property to the user in the db. Then in the db rules check if the user making the changes is admin to allow him to read and write anything.

aok I understand, thank you very much

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