Filter rssi bluetooth

Hi guys , i am new in flutter , i am developing a flutter app that connect with my esp32 microchip via bluetooth , to pair this device i want in this example showme only the devices name start with de word “Electro_” i have 10 devices and each have a diferents names , Electro_1 , Electro_2, Electro_8 , ettc

i want only show this devices and not all

this is the code :

class BluetoothDiscoveryResult {

final BluetoothDevice device;

final int rssi;



this.rssi = 0,


factory BluetoothDiscoveryResult.fromMap(Map map) {

return BluetoothDiscoveryResult(

  device: BluetoothDevice.fromMap(map),

  rssi: map['rssi'] ?? 0,




can somewone explain me how filter ?

thanks guys