Error: Not found: 'package:geofencing/geofencing.dart'

hello, i have problem to create geofence with flutter.

im using this reference, now i dont know where to put file Application.kt at what folder.
.kt file as a reference should be with (directory as MainActivity) this, the problem now i dont have this MainActivity file.

should i put at main.dart.
and main.dart has two file.
please guide me, i really new with flutter and android.

this is my folder

this the reference that i use

Hello and welcome.

You will find the file MainActivity.kt in android/app/src/main/kotlin.


should it be here?
bcs coding and function at that page just a few only.

here the function folder they put.

geofence’s getting started doc says:

Finally, create either Application.kt or in the same directory as MainActivity.