Dividing long text to make it readeable

I want to develop an instruction book which is a long text/paragraph. I want to make it readable and divide by pages.

  1. The text that is not visible should be transferred to the next page

Question: How can I divide long text/paragraph?
Any further ideas & suggestions are really appreciated.

Hello and welcome.

If you are not tied to a requirement of horizontal scroll between column-like pages, I’d suggest the simplest solution of using a SingleChildScrollView to wrap your long text, so it can be scrolled vertically.

Otherwise I guess you could try to implement a PageView, but you should then provide the single pages with the text chunks to display in them, though here I’m concerned about rendering the pages correctly on different display sizes.
At the moment I cannot figure out an automatic split solution, of a single long text in multiple pages, based on screen resolution and dimensions; but I’m not saying it is not possible either.

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Thank you a lot, that is very helpful. I will try this option.

You’re welcome @Bek, I’ve found this stack overflow thread that might contain some interesting hints if you want to explore the idea of page auto-split (so you could arrange them in an horizontal scrolling layout)

There is no actual solution or code example but still I think it has some value.

i have the same problem …
i have a long text as a string and i want show it like a


i mean when the page is full next text showed in next pages.