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Hello to you, how to display the user’s account so that they no longer write these connection information to reconnect like on Facebook

Hi, could you explain a little bit more your request. I feel it is not very clear. Thanks :slight_smile:

hello to you, when you register on Facebook for example you fill in fields and once connected when you disconnect your account is displayed so that during the next connection you no longer fill in any fields, but you click on your account and you are connected

I think that depends on what you are using as authentication service. The basic details to display in the image you shared, you can save them in the phone with sqlite or with SharedPreferences.

But to reconnect automatically, with only one click, It is going to depend on what services do you use for authentication. For example if you use Firebase, with email/link or email/password auth, you could store the email of the user to only request the password or send the email for the user to click the link and reconnect the user.

To connect the user without any participation from the user, I don’t think it is possible, at least using an auth service like Firebase.

Another thing you could do is have multiple users authenticated, and jump between them. Firebase currently doesn’t support this functionality but you could find one that does.

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OK thanks for your answer