Device passcode

I’d like to get device passcode , I used local_auth: ^1.1.5 package but I receive this problem ( error:( This requires the ‘non-nullable’ language feature to be enabled. (experiment_not_enabled)

You need to update your Dart and Flutter version or downgrade to their older version.

local_auth: ^0.6.3+4

I used Dart SDK version: 2.12.3 & Flutter (Channel stable, 2.0.6)

could you share your pubspec.yaml file here?

Ok, I 'll attach it with the message


For null safety to work,

   sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0"

should be this version at least. then run flutter clean and pub get it will work.

Thanks, It’s work.

When I began learn flutter i start by calling passcode device, and i feel there’s a lot of details different from C++
So can u tell me how I learn flutter, which books is good.
I worked little visual basic & C++.

Thank you

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Heyy @jankiz I love learning by watching videos and making a real app like To-Do or if you looking for more details then E-Commerce Apps.

This is one of the courses I referred. There are many many devs publishing content for free on YouTube so you can refer any of that as well.

Flutter also has their own team sharing content with the community, here;s one such channel:

Best of luck, enjoy!