Creating a custom library in flutter

Hello! I had a question about creating a library in flutter. I currently have zipped file of HTML/CSS components that I want to use in my flutter application. Can i create a custom library of this?

Flutter is an UI SDK built on top of Dart. It does not understand HTML/CSS.
But you can port your components to it and create a library of custom widgets to be used in your projects. Please check out this documentation page:

Hi, how do i port components to it?

Hi, basically you will code them from scratch in Dart using the widgets provided by the Flutter SDK. But you could also explore the option to use this plugin (which I wasn’t aware of, in my previous answer):


These might be silly questions, but when you say code them from scratch in dart do you mean, if theres a certain color i find that color in the hex file? if there is a certain font how would i code those from scratch? same w icons?

also with the plug in how would that work? I install the plugin and then how i would get that to import the file i have with my html and csS?

thanks for all your help by the way!

I’d suggest you to read that documentation page I posted before, it is a quick intro with a parallel between how things are done in HTML/CSS and Flutter.
Also, if you want to invest in this technology, I’d recommend the following free course on Flutter development: