Cost benefit to port a web app (Angular / Firebase) to Flutter

I am interested in porting my Angular Web app to Flutter- backend is Firebase, but I’m unsure how to determine the cost/time and ongoing support this will take. The app is live at (

Specifically, I have questions about the following:

  1. Will a Flutter developer use any of the current code in the development process or will this require building everything from scratch.
  2. Does the community believe that the benefits of Flutter outweigh the cost/time to port the project.
  3. Should the project be done in phases, focus on mobile (iOS & Android) or is Flutter more of a responsive UI platform?

Any feedback is much appreciated.

~ Kevin

I am a staunch believer in the flutter framework for 2 reasons. The first google is doing very different things with the framework in the sense that they have never done in the past. Gives me an idea that google is planning very serious things with flutter. Second, the ease of creating applications and the ability to use with current native apps is another huge plus.

Having said all that, I still feel it is very early for flutter for the web to reach the level of sophistication which flutter mobile has reached. I would not recommend you to plan the migration of your active website from any other framework to flutter for the web. IMO this would not be a good strategy.

I would definitely recommend that you create a mobile application if there is a need for it.

I am not getting into cost comparison for the above-stated reasons.



I appreciate your opinion and have received similar advice about Flutter for web. Regarding mobile costs & maintenance- what is the best way to determine the cost of development to port existing functionality of our current web app ( to mobile?

~ Kevin

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@kgrowney I would suggest a multiplier of ~0.8 to the estimations of other hybrid mobile app frameworks, multiplier of ~0.4-0.6 to the estimations(including both platforms) of native apps. I hope that helps.