Can method channel be handled in dart itself

I’m new to flutter so, please bear with me if this is a novice.

Is there a way to add handler for Method channel calls in dart code?

The samples and demo I referred to online all use the method channel to add handlers in native platforms. But none speaks about handling them in the flutter app itself.

Reason: There are already platform handlers for a fetching a image. but I need the same function to be done via an HTTP request from the app code.

@NirmalaSudhir can you please help with this if possible?

Hey @Nikhileshwar

So there are two things in your question

  1. Channel Communication
  2. HTTP requests

After reading your objective, I don’t think you need point 1 at all.
For the 2nd point, use the Http package if you need to make a GET request to fetch the link, else you can simply use

Hope this helped.