Can I using MSSQL in Flutter?

How can I connect to a remote mssql server from an Android app?
I want to know if there is a way or if I can’t do it at all.

Even if I searched Google, I couldn’t find the code to get the query the way I wanted.

Hello and welcome.
Usually you’d have a server application providing access to the db-server, in form of some kind of API interface (JSON CRUD, GraphQL…);

the mobile client app (i.e. android) would then consume these services with HTTP requests, in order to send and receive data to and from the database.

We are in a situation where we need to use the MSSQL server.
There is no information about this at all.
Can you tell me the information I can refer to regarding this?


just searched “mssql json api”, I got about 2,670,000 results

Here’s a possible oversimplified architecture diagram:

[ MSSQL Server ] <- (ORM) -> [ API server ] <- (JSON REST) -> [Flutter App]
[==== SERVER APPLICATION =========] <---- (HTTPS) ----> [=CLIENT=]

Will you build the server application too? Are you going to access an already existing legacy server? Do you have access and development permissions on the server application?

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At the moment, there is still a way to go about the road, there is still a way that needs to be passed