Camera inside a Widget

Hi, i’m about to start a new project and i think that its great oportunity to start with Flutter.

My mockoups are ready and one of the requirements is use half of the screen for the camera and the other one to show notifications on other options, basically have allways active the camera, there is any way to acomplish that on flutter? i had searching for something like that but with no luck.

I hope you can help me with that, thank you.

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  1. Use Column widget to start with.
  2. Create two Container widgets inside the Column widget. One for camera and the other one for other options.
  3. Assign half the height of the Column to each of the Container widgets.

The above steps are outlined assuming that you are able to get the camera working.


Thank you for your answer, really apreaciate that, in the next weeks i will start with the projects, let you know the results.

Kind regards