Call-Blocking App

Hey guys!

I want to create a android flutter app for Android N/7.0. This application should implement call screening service to block incoming calls and after that send me a message over a telegram bot. However, in Android 7.0, you need to be the default dialer app to implement call screening. I want to still be able to make calls from my app and recive calls if call screening is not activated.

And thats the problem - I was not able yet to implement a working dialer app! I literally googled the last few days how to do that. Here are my idea’s i collected in that time:

  1. Implement InCallService, start Flutter activity, and then notify my dart code by MethodChannel. However, then my app always crashes.
  2. Somehow forward incoming calls to system default default, when it should not be blocked.

I do not need a full working solution or anything, just an idea of how to implement a working in call service! The app should not run on iOs.