Bluetooth connectivity and capabilities

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    I 'm not a programmer, but a radio station owner and I 've been using this flutter developer to create an app for my radio which is almost ready, but it lacks the displaying of Artist and Title (mp3 metadata) on a connected bluetooth device (ie the stereo system in my car).
    Although it displays correctly on the phone the artist and title, on every possible place (ie, app main screen, standby screen etc), in my car radio the screen shows “Not Provided”!
    My developer tells me that currently Flutter doesn’t support this.
    I really find this hard to believe.
    Can anybody tell me for sure what’s what?!?
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Hey so this is one of those areas where it may seem like a really simple thing to do but is unfortunately harder than you might expect. While it is certainly possible for flutter to talk to bluetooth devices (e.g. flutter_blue | Flutter Package) your developer would likely need to write a driver specifically for the bluetooth profile that’s used by car radios. This definitely falls outside what a typical flutter developer would be able to do.