Best way to use an app offline while the data is stored in firebase database

I’m doing a brainstorm for an app and I need your help! It should looks like as a quizz app. The questions are saved in the firebase database and I would like to use my quizz app offline.

  • So my first thoughts were to only use a sqlite database but that means I need to do an update of the app if I only need to add some questions and thats not the ideal I think. (But that seems to be the easiest option for me)
  • The second option : to use firebase database. That means that if you’re offline it doesn’t work but I can update easily the questions.
  • Third one : when your first launch the app, it checks the firebase db and create a local sqlite db and put all the data in it. Everytime that the app is launched after that, it checks if you have the last data. If not, it downloads the new one and add them to the local sqlite db.
  • Fourth option : the app can only be launched if you have an internet connection. But that means that I’m doing a lot of read operations and I do not want to pay for a bigger amount of read operations of firebase if possible.

I would like to have your opinions about that. It seems that the first option will be easier (i’m a beginner with flutter) but it’s not the most optimized choice !

Thanks in advance.