App display name

Just playing around with Flutter, Dart and Visual Studio Code and now stuck almost before I started.
How can I change the app display name (the name that the user see). Seems like it should be the simplest thing to do, but now after an hour of searching the web, I came up with nothing.

Anyone know how to change the name

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Hey! This is fairly simple actually.

Just Go to “AndroidManifest.xml” file in the android/app/src/main directory and find the

android:label=**Name-you-want** in the application property and change this to the name you want.

Go to the info.plist file and change the value of this key


Thanks, yes that did work.
My problem was that the “application” tag for some reason was not there. It is not enough to just create the application tag and the label attribute.

I created a new project and then the application tag with all it’s attributes were there. It was then simple, as you say, to just change the value of android:label attribute.

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