Anyone help me on firebase email Authentication with provider package business logic?

I started learning flutter 2 months ago. I just want to create provider business logic for firebase authentication using email and password. So that I can use the same for all the project which will save time. I went through Medium article But when I try to Login it shows something went wrong. I need help to resolve this. Please help me on this.

Thanks in Advance.
Mohamed Rizwan

I’ve got a similar request I think? I’m about 3 days into my first flutter app. I have been reading a while but now trying to hack together my first one.

Like you I would like to have some business logic to be able to accept a sign in from email or other source, but to have a user permission assigned (the standard Admin, Manager, Editor, Reader) scenario you see in business. If anyone knows of a paid or free module / plugin / package / widget? that means I can set up a login with those sorts of controls.

Do you still have a problem with this or need some help? If so I might be able to

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