Announcing open source e-commerce mobile app in Flutter

We have been working on an open source e-commerce application in Flutter. The source code can be found here. This application is in the early stages of development. We will be releasing this app in both app stores for a client by the end of June.

This mobile app is part of a bigger project called aviacommerce. Feel free to check it out.

Feel free to leave feedback and contribute if you are new in Flutter. We are open to accepting newbies in Flutter.

Note: If you want to contribute please reach out to us on gitter here. We are open to accepting people who are interested in learning flutter.

Looking forward to your feedback!


I will like to contribute. Started flutter not long ago. Currently about to work on an eccomerce app and i saw this.

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@troasfl You are more than welcome to contribute on this project. I will PM you details on how to get started.

Hi, I am new in flutter, and I want to contribute, can you give me more details about the project and how to get started ?

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Heyy @aybsam ! You are welcome to contribute! We’ll contact you with the details.

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Please what the db type ? mongodb or firebase
and what the front-end platform for the admin panel UI ? is it angular ?

Flutter works on mobile app database like Sqflite :smiley:
The Frontend platform language is Dart. The admin panel also :smiley: Not Angular. Its Flutter .

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Hi there, I’m also new to flutter & wanna contribute.
Shall I??!!!

Hi @ashish173 started to learn flutter. I like to contribute.

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Please reach out to us here The team is available there for discussions and possible collaboration requests.

I started learning flutter only a few weeks back and would like to contribute

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Please get in touch with the dev team on the gitter link present in post description.

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