Am I On The Right Track to Create This Layout?

I am trying to get familiarized with Flutter. I’m not coming from a programming background, but I’m not totally unfamiliar with it, either.
I’m trying to create a layout with an AppBar at the top, some content in the middle, and a Floating Action Button at the bottom. The skeleton of this view is basically the Flutter demo app.
However, in the middle (“body”) area, I need the following: a large card in the top half of the view that scrolls horizontally (like a main category selection), and below that, a column of smaller cards that scroll vertically.
I’m thinking I need a scaffold and then a couple of listViews, but frankly I’m unsure how to implement it. I feel like if I could get a hand building the view, I would then be able to cut my chops learning how to modify it to implement business and navigation logic.
Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

Yes, you are right you should use multiple list views. Since you need different scrolling try to use “SliverList”.

For your top view you can use this plugin “carousal_slider” although it’s not really necessary but if you don’t want to right too much code you can try it. It basically creates a Carousal of widgets. Usually used for images.