ADMOB error code 3 for almost 2 months of app release

I have an app with ADMOB integration. I tested the app with test ad id and I could see the ADs appearing. Now I replaced it with my AD id from AdMob, I dont see ads at all.

In the console I see the error code 3, which as per docs ,
the admob has not returned an AD at that moment , it might be available in few hours.

But its been almost 2 months since I release the app in playstore, I still could not see an AD. What could be the issue

so literally I hit the dead end. no answer even from flutter forum

do you see any errors in the console?

Heyy @madhairsilence !

This question is better suited for admob github issue, since it’s been 2 months I really feel you should go that route and highlight your query,

As an alternative I found firebase Admob, please check if that works for you. Here’s the link for the same